Responsible Leadership

The challenges we currently face, such as poverty, climate change, water and food scarcity, disease, increasing inequality, demographic change, migration and growing urbanization, to only name a few, are extraordinary and unprecedented.

Business models will need to maximize long-term value creation, integrate ESG factors into strategies, allow the internalization of negative externalities with an impact on the prices of products and services offered. For all this to happen, Leadership is fundamental.

When we discuss the purpose of organisations in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and take the first step towards a responsible and humanistic capitalism, we cannot forget that this implies a new type of inclusive leadership. Leadership, as a concept, will have to be inclusive and include a new set of skills and attributes.

If purpose, stakeholder engagement and inclusion, and innovation are variables that responsible leaders must develop, there is also a new set of competencies that have been considered as central to leadership or, even worse, have been considered as negative attributes, and which will have to be at the forefront of Responsible Leadership: in parallel with intellectual intelligence, responsible leaders must have emotional intelligence skills such as compassion and humility, and include them in the companies they lead.

At Systemic, we create partnerships with organisations and leaders and, together, develop customized responsible leadership programs with the aim of expanding and mastering these concepts and integrate them into the organisational and human fabric.