These are some of the stories we helped create.

ANAI (Portuguese Association of Real Estate Evaluators)

Development and Publication of the E-Book: “Environmental and Climatic Criteria in The Assessment of Real Estate”, 2021

We developed the “Environmental and Climatic Criteria in The Assessment of Real Estate” E-book for the Portuguese Association of Real Estate Evaluators (ANAI) which was part of the High Value Program – Innovation and Sustainability (co-financed by COMPETE 2020).

After recognizing the importance of incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria in property valuation, the aim of this E-Book was to provide Real Estate Evaluators with a framework for the integration of environmental and climate criteria in future property valuations. And, also, support the financial sector in complying with the new requirements of the European Union, since, in the near future, banks will have to report the alignment of their portfolio with the EU Taxonomy.

Access the e-book here     Access the webinar about the e-book here

“The innovative capacity combined with the cooperation and dedication of Systemic’s team were essential for the success of the E-book “Environmental and Climatic Criteria in The Assessment of Real Estate” developed under the High Value – Innovation and Sustainability Project. This work was marked by its success and innovative capacity, resulting in new essential tools for the real estate appraisal sector for greater awareness of the sector and for increasing the knowledge of real estate appraisers about the impacts of climate change on properties. Thus, we could not fail to mark the end of this cycle with a special thanks to the entire Systemic’s team, in particular to Sofia Santos, who leads the team, and Joana Silva for her passion and dedication to the subject and the project.”

Joana de Sá, Director’s Advisor, ANAI


Training and communication of ESG issues in response to the SFDR Regulation, 2021

We helped HCapital respond to the SFDR Regulation by supporting the preparation of website disclosures as well as pre-contract documentation and periodic reports (including ESG templates). We identified key actions that need to be taken and provided recommendations on next steps. Our collaboration with HCapital also included drafting a Sustainability Policy and reviewing the ESG Due Diligence. In addition, we facilitated knowledge sessions throughout the process and provided training to several portfolio companies.

Access the HCapital’s website sustainability section here

“We chose the Systemic to support HCapital in the definition and implementation of its action plan on ESG issues due to its experience and recognition in the market. The work developed, both in the management company and some of its subsidiaries, was very important, on the one hand, in raising the awareness of the teams and defining an ESG strategy aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and on the other hand, in supporting compliance with the new regulatory framework of the European Union on these issues. We are grateful to Systemic for the support given and the ability to involve management teams in the discussion of these issues that, although not yet the most common in their daily lives, increasingly will be part of the strategy and daily management of companies.”

Pedro Castro Henriques, Head of ESG, HCapital

Sonae SGPS

Reporting of SFDR Regulation indicators to Sonae SGPS investors, 2021

To meet investors’ demands, a diagnostic analysis was performed regarding the reporting of PIA indicators under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Based on the information already reported in the Annual Report and Accounts and in the Sustainability Report, additional research and calculations were done to consolidate data. Subsequently, an ESG fact sheet was produced to be presented in the investor kit, which discloses to investors SONAE SGPS’s Principal Adverse Impacts.

“At Sonae we constantly seek to maintain a relationship of trust with our stakeholders and we try to anticipate their needs, particularly those of our investors. This is no exception when it comes to sustainability information, in light of the best market practices, such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Systemic was the right partner to support us in this process of interpreting the SFDR requirements, in a collaborative and constructive manner, resulting in assertive and clear information for our investors.”

Sónia Cardoso, Head of Sustainability, Sonae SGPS

British Embassy in Lisbon

Development of the study “Sustainable finance market in the UK and Portugal – a contemporary snapshot”, 2021

This study was developed in the context of COP26, chaired by the UK in the second half of 2021, to identify opportunities for collaboration between the two countries regarding the development of greener financial institutions. As the UK is a world leader in green financial markets and, at the time of the study’s preparation, Portugal was taking its first steps in these matters, a more detailed analysis was made of the work being carried out by the main Portuguese financial institutions. Thus, through surveys and interviews with the main players of the Portuguese financial system, the document summarizes the level of integration of sustainability issues in these institutions, the green financial products existing at the time of the study, as well as the growth potential of this market in Portugal. In May 2021, in a webinar chaired by the British Embassy in Lisbon, the study was presented by Systemic, where +130 people attended.

Access the full study here

“The agility and flexibility of Systemic’s team were essential to understand our needs and objectives and deliver a high-quality product with a tight deadline. The whole team was very cordial and open to the proposed ideas, a partnership that we will certainly repeat in the future.”

Flávia Lima, Prosperity Officer, British Embassy Lisbon

Asset management company ABAG SROC

Webinars on the impact of sustainability in companies, 2021

To raise ABAG SROC clients’ awareness of the financial risks and opportunities of the climate crisis, and to enable them to create strategies to meet these challenges, 2 webinars were held – a first for financial and insurance companies, and a second focused on non-financial companies and asset managers.

In total +20 companies attended, with a total of +60 participants.

The webinars are now available for viewing.
The first webinar and the second webinar.

“We decided to hold these seminars for our clients, suppliers, employees, financiers, and investors because we understand that we have reached an environmental tipping point, namely climate change and the reduction of biodiversity, which obliges us all, to act together. We chose the Systemic team for this challenge led by Professor Sofia Santos, given the team’s academic knowledge and passion for what they do, which made all the difference.”

António Gonçalves, Partner, ABAG SROC

Crédito Agrícola

2020 Sustainability Report and Implementation of the Sustainability Strategy

Since 2020, Systemic has been supporting the Crédito Agrícola Group in developing the sustainability strategy and implementing a diverse set of activities.

  • Sustainability Policy (here)
  • ​Sustainability Report 2020 (here)
  • ​Environmental and Social Assessment of Client Projects and Companies (here)

“It is in joint efforts with the right partners that we are able to be sustainable. The path is long, the time is short, and the experiences and results are stimulating.
Thank you Systemic for helping us in this transition to a low carbon economy.”

Isabel Matos, Director of Communication, and Institutional Relations of Crédito Agrícola

Companhia das Lezírias

Co-creation of the Sustainability Strategy for 2030, Alignment with the SDGs, and Sustainability Report

At Companhia das Lezirias we co-developed, with employees and members of the Board of Directors, the Sustainability Strategy for 2030 aligned with the priority UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the company, the governance model for sustainability, as well as a sustainability reporting system that gained visibility with the 2020 Sustainability Report.

  • Sustainability Report 2020 (here)

“The work developed with Systemic goes beyond the commercial relationship. In a very natural way, we have established a true partnership, where the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and the alignment of genuine and purposeful visions have made all the difference, as well as the empathy that was generated and that has guided the entire interaction.”

Georgete Félix, Administradora da Companhia das Lezírias